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Essential Oils


One of the easiest health enhancing changes you can make is to change the types of oils you eat. Simply improving the quality and quantity of the fats and oils you eat offers you a huge health leap.

Begin by purchasing extra virgin olive oil. Choose an olive oil that comes in a dark glass bottle. This protects the oil from light that causes oil to breakdown too quickly. Next, look for raw virgin coconut butter/oil, which are one and the same. Coconut oil/butter can be found at most health food stores and online.

Go through your kitchen and get rid of any fats and oils that are not organic and cold pressed. This includes lard, canola oil, margarine or other butter substitutes, conventionally produced butter, or any synthetic or man-made form of cooking oil. These fats and oils are toxic and are not meant for consumption.

Keep it simple at the beginning and use olive oil as the base for all your salad dressings and as a condiment to enhance flavors of grains and vegetables. Use coconut butter as your main cooking, spreading and baking oil. Coconut butter makes a wonderful butter replacement.

The beauty of eating quality oils is both in their delicious taste and in the fact that you can enjoy an abundance of plant oils, without compromising your health. Fresh plant fats help draw away old toxic fats that have built up in your body, so they are detoxifying as well as life enhancing.

If you use organic cold pressed culinary or health enhancing oils such as flax or hemp oil, or other nut or seed oils, be sure they are stored in a dark cool place, rather than left out on the counter.