Natural Remedies For Over 200 Illnesses

Natural Cures Audio Book CD 8


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 8

Eat snacks. Snacks should be things like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, juice from your juice machine, raw nuts and seeds. Use foot orthotics. They will help promote general health, and can eliminate foot, joint and back pain.

I’ve given you a list of things to do and things to avoid that can bring your body back to a state of normalcy where disease and illness virtually can’t exist. Do as many of these as you can as often as you can. One main premise I discuss in this book is that every company in health care, the government agencies, all the associations and foundations have a goal of  making sure that people continue to be sick and get sicker because if that happens they get millions of dollars.!

Another premise is that the number one reason you are sick is because you are more toxic today than ever in history. The toxins are coming from the drugs you are taking as well as all the food and everything you are drinking and breathing.

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