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Flower Essences


Description: Flower essences are diluted extracts of various types of flowers, herbs and plants that are used to treat imbalances in both people and animals. An ancient form of healing, they were originally innovated for mass production by Edward Bach, a doctor who was gifted with the ability to intuit the positive healing qualities of flowers. The flowers are picked from protected fields, when they are at the peak of their bloom. For potent essences, the flowers must be perfect specimens, chosen at the perfect time, and must be free of toxins, chemicals and pesticides of any kind.

The flower remedies are made by immersing the ripe flowers, using sun and purified water. Many creators of flower essences pick their herbs or flower blooms during specific phases of the moon, and at very special times of the day and season. Creating flower essences is a fine art, as the power of the essence comes not only from being exact in the extraction process, but also through the intent and clarity of the essence maker. The extracted essence is further diluted in water, and preserved with alcohol to make a mother tincture. The resulting remedy is then diluted in spring water to make a solution, known as a tincture, which can be taken by people and animals of all ages. Flower essences do not interfere with homeopathic remedies, supplements or medications.

What to look for:There are English flower essences and North American essences. Get information from companies that you are attracted to. It is fine to combine flower essences from different companies.

Uses: Flower remedies and essences have many varied uses, but act mainly to balance inharmonies within the emotional and spiritual bodies, to bring the body as a whole back into balance with itself. The flower remedies act as a catalyst to healing at a deeper level. They can either be used alone, or, in combination with other forms of treatment. They are taken orally under the tongue from a dropper, either directly from the bottle or diluted with water.

Where to find: Health Food Store, online resources. Search for a qualified Flower Essence practitioner in your area, or read one of the many books written on the subject. There are self-exams available at many local health food stores for getting started.

Avoid: If you are alcohol sensitive, you can arrange for your practitioner to dilute the essences with an alcohol alternative, or, if you are diluting your own essences from a mother tincture you purchase, you can use apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, or refrigerate and forego the preservative. The level to which the essences are used depends greatly on one’s skill level and experience. Those just learning about the essences, or dealing with serious issues, can benefit greatly by working with a certified Flower Essence practitioner.

Link to article on subject: Read the book: Flower Essence Therapy by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, or, for more history and applications: The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician by Nora Weeks.
Flower Essences by Machaelle Small Wright.