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Garlic Is A Natural Medicine


Garlic as a medicinal aid dates back to ancient days. In India it was used as far back as 5,000-years-ago, according to their Sanskrit documentation that exists today. The Chinese are also recorded as using of garlic as a means to heal wounds, as well as its positive health qualities.

Louis Pasteur praised garlic for its anti-bacterial properties and, during the Second World War, surgeons used garlic as an antibiotic. Garlic contains a sulfur compound called allicin, and it is this that gives garlic its distinctive taste and aroma. It is allicin that is thought to be the key ingredient that gives garlic its natural health benefits.

Garlic is known to kill over 30 types of bacteria responsible for intestinal disorders and, in animal studies and early human studies, garlic has suggested possible cardiovascular benefits by reducing the accumulation of cholesterol on the vascular walls.

Garlic has been used for centuries to treat dysentery as it kills intestinal worms and parasites. Its antifungal properties also prevent and treat other intestinal disorders such as Candida. Other fungal and bacterial skin infections as well as infections of the lungs, bladder, vagina, colds and flu can all be treated with garlic.

Garlic can regulate blood sugars and is a good blood thinner, which helps reduce the possibility of strokes and atherosclerosis and has even been found to reduce tumors and help prevent cancer. Garlic is a wonderful natural cure.

Because of garlic’s real antimicrobial properties that do not resist microbes as classical antibodies do, garlic is once again being put to use as a natural health medical supplement in support of our modern lifestyle.