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Ghee Recipe


1 pound organic unsalted butter

Takes approximately 15-25 minutes to properly cook

Place one pound of butter in a heavy, medium-sized pan. Turn the heat on to medium until the butter melts.

Turn down the heat until the butter just boils and continue to cook at this heat. Do not cover the pot. The butter will foam and sputter while it cooks. Whitish solids will begin to form on the bottom of the pot. The butter will begin to smell like popcorn after a while and turn a lovely golden color. Keep a close watch on the ghee, as it can easily burn. After a while it will become a clear, golden color. Take a clean, dry spoon to move away some of the foam on top in order to see if the ghee is clear all the way through to the bottom. When it is clear and has stopped sputtering iStock_000015843676XSmalland making noise, then it needs to be taken off the heat. Let it cool until just warm. Pour it through a fine sieve or layers of cheesecloth into a clean, dry glass container with a tight lid. There will be some solids at the bottom of the pan. Some people discard it. Others find it a delicious treat spread onto toast or fresh bread, or, straight from the spoon. If ghee is burned while cooking, it turns slightly brown and develops a nutty smell.

Ghee can be kept on the kitchen shelf, covered. It does not need refrigeration, although you can if you prefer. The medicinal properties are said to improve with age. Don’t scoop out the ghee with a wet spoon or allow any water to get into the ghee container, as this will create conditions for bacteria to grow and spoil the ghee.

Some Benefits of Ghee:

  • Aids weight loss by stimulating digestive fire.
  • Promotes longevity by assisting the absorption of vital nutrients.
  • Enhances glow and beauty. Use ghee for a period of time, simply adding a little each meal, and see the results for yourself.
  • Sautés food with a minimal amount of fat. Ghee does not burn at high temperatures, though it is not meant to be used for deep-frying. As a rule, we suggest avoiding deep-fried food anyway.
  • Enhances the taste and flavor of food dramatically. Try drizzling a teaspoonful over your food, once served. Ghee adds a whole new dimension to steamed vegetables, whole grains, or melted onto baked potatoes. Ghee is equal in value nutritionally to raw butter.
  • Ghee is a powerful food for children, the elderly, and those who have been very ill. It is a building food, rather than a detoxifying food, so it helps build strength and energy from within.
  • Ghee is easier to digest than butter because the milk solids have been removed through the cooking and separation process.