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Giving Our Thanks to You


For many, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks for what really matters in life. The health and well-being of our close friends and family members, our freedom and our ability to choose life paths that bring us happiness and joy, as well as nurture our best selves. We at Natural Cures wish you a healthy holiday, full of gratitude, love, and a meal of fresh organic food, sure to please.

Enjoy our quick and delicious raw cranberry relish for a refreshing and time-saving change. If you prefer to cook up your own special recipe that usually calls for sugar, be sure to check in the Virtual Marketplace found on the Natural Cures website, for the best organic sugar optioins available.

Fresh Raw Cranberry Relish – use organic ingredients, if possible
3 oranges- Rinse and pat dry
1 Cup raisins- Soak for 1 hour ahead of time, in 1 Tbsp Orange Liqueur and 4 Tbsp fresh Orange juice
1/4 Cup Soft-pitted Dates
1 12-ounce bag of cranberries
Dash of sea salt
Food processor

You can make this lovely relish the day before Thanksgiving to allow the flavors to meld fully, if time permits.
Between 1-3 hours ahead of time, tenderize and enhance the raisins as follows:
Place raisins in a medium-sized bowl. Juice one orange and pour the juice, along with the orange liqueur, over the raisins. Set aside for at least one hour.

Peeling one orange, and leaving the other whole, cut both oranges into 6 segments. Set aside one orange segment to garnish relish when done.

Place the oranges, dates, raisins and soaking liquid in the food processor. Pulse gently until mixture breaks down into pebble-sized chunks. Add the cranberries and a dash of sea salt, and pulse again; this time until the mixture is well chopped, not pureed.

Spoon relish into a serving dish and cut remaining orange wedge to garnish the relish. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving.