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The Electro-Acuscope Therapy System is especially effective for healing damaged tissue. Through a series of 20-30 minute treatments, the therapy has been shown to increase healing time by as much as 50%. Depending on the severity of the injury, 8 to 12 sessions over a 30-day period are enough to attain maximum results. Significant relief is generally felt after the first few treatments.

The device is very similar to ultrasound in that it is administered by using conductivity gel and a brass probe to then target the specific point of damage. The Electro-Acuscope then determines the exact frequency necessary to encourage healing of the damaged tissue cells. As the area begins to repair and the requirements of the tissue cells change, the Electro-Acuscope detects the new tissue requirements and adjusts its waveform to accommodate the specific needs of the regenerating tissue. Because this form of therapy does not heal anything, but rather initiates the body’s own healing process, the results tend to be long-lasting.