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Electro-Acuscope Myopulse


The Electro-Acuscope Myopulse Therapy System is a highly sophisticated electronic medical instrument that has been very successful when applied to a wide range of neuromuscular conditions commonly affecting equine athletes. The Acuscope uses electricity to treat pain by stimulating the nervous system without puncturing the skin. The Myopulse, a companion instrument to the Acuscope, gently stimulates muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing spasm, inflammation and strengthening tissue damaged by traumatic injury.

The Electro-Acuscope Myopulse Therapy System reduces pain and increases range of motion. This form of therapy does not heal anything, but rather initiates the body’s own healing process by increasing normality in the soft tissue so the body can heal itself faster. Reported case studies show increases in healing time by as much as 50%.