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What Are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)


Electromagnetic Fields are invisible, yet active forces, produced by anything transmitting an electrical wave, including: electrical appliances, power lines, cell phone towers, radio stations, and so on. EMF overload can cause significant disturbances in your body. For many years, researchers have known the effects EMFs can have on your health. Unfortunately, this information has not been brought to public attention. We strongly recommend managing electromagnetic chaos in your everyday environment.

Recommended EMF Reduction Products

If you’re looking for some trusted products when it comes to battling EMFs then look no further. Below you’ll find 3 of our most popular EMF reduction products from our trusted partners.

EP2 Plus Stress Reducing Pendant

The EP2 Plus Stress Reducing Pendants are infused with what’s called subtle subatomic energy frequencies. The formulas we’ve developed are specifically designed to work in conjunction with your body’s own natural energies. The end result is a pendant that allows your body to perform at its very best at the cellular level.



EMR “Smart” Patch for 5G Cellphone and Smart Device Protection

Perfect for protecting yourself and your family against today’s electronic overwhelm, which has gotten completely out of control!

Big Boss PhotoCatalytic Air Purifier

Allergy, Asthma, & Mold Relief.  Essential BOSS PCI units are beautiful, as well as small and functional.  Utilizing PHOTO CATALYTIC IONIZING technology.  These are the very best for molds, particularly black mold, as well as odors and volatile off-gassed chemicals from the indoor environment.  The ability to agglomerate and cause particles and dander to drop from the air is excellent as well.