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Light Beam Generator (LBG)


The Light Beam Generator is a 4 or 12 head unit that assists the body in restoring proper lymph function. The LBG uses six different light, gas and electromagnetic pulsing therapies to deliver gentle incoherent blue photonic light deep into the lymph nodes and cells, breaking up clumped protein structures that block the lymph system from doing its very important job. This, in turn, rebalances their electrical charge, enabling the cells to rapidly rid themselves of accumulated waste products and cellular debris. In the process, not only does this improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, it also helps to reduce muscle and tissue swelling. LBG is especially good for symptoms of fibromyalgia, and for disease associated with body toxicity such as headaches, cancer, and arthritis. It is common for individuals to use the hand held LBG technology for in-home lymphatic detoxification treatment, or in conjunction with a health practitioner.