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Osteopathic Medicine


Osteopathic physicians have the unique ability to combine conventional and alternative medicine techniques. Osteopathic physicians, referred to as D.O.s, are in a unique position to treat illness from both an alternative perspective that integrates structural bodywork, and a traditional medical perspective that utilizes western medicine. The approach is dependent on the D.O.

Alternative Osteopathic techniques range from gentle joint work and cranial sacral manipulations, to specific thrusts similar to chiropractic adjustments. In addition to being able to manipulate the spine and other joints of the body to relieve back pain and restore spinal alignment, most D.O.s are also licensed to give injections for painful inflammation in the joints. They may also use electrical stimulation and various forms of mechanical therapy in order to trigger muscle relaxation, including gentle “muscle energy” techniques, and functional and positional release techniques, all of which are unique to osteopathic medicine.

It is important when choosing a D.O. to find out ahead of time if they have an alternative or more traditional approach to medicine. We at Natural Cures suggest an alternatively oriented Osteopath physician.