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Rotation Diet


Rotation diets vary your food selection allowing three or four days to pass before the same food is eaten again. For example, if you ate an apple with organic peanut butter on Sunday, you would not eat an apple or peanut butter again until Thursday. Overexposure to various foods causes your body to build up sensitivities to those foods. These “sensitivities” can become “reactivities” (commonly referred to as allergies). Your immune system must work hard to manage reactions you may be having to the foods you eat day after day and a rotation diet gives your body a break from this cycle of continued assault.

Look to a rotation diet when dealing with allergies, ADHD, autism, low immunity, chronic fatigue and digestive disorders of any kind. In addition, acne, arthritis, fibromyalgia, heartburn, insomnia, obesity, pain and inflammation, stress and toxic overload can all be affected by food sensitivities.

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