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Soft Laser Therapy


Many people are unfamiliar with this incredible edition to the field of Natural Healing. The bottom line is that Soft Laser Therapy is safe and tremendously enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Photons emitted by soft lasers stimulate cells to initiate bio-chemical reactions. This produces enzymes and usable energy that enables cells to perform optimally. Also known as low-level lasers, soft lasers have no effect on normal tissues, as photons of light are only absorbed and utilized by the cells that need them. Low-level laser therapy may be used any place there is acute or chronic pain or inflammation, and on any disease or disorder.

Soft Laser Therapy has been clinically tested and is used worldwide by healthcare professionals in the fields of physical therapy, rehabilitation, dental health and sports medicine. There is one laser, which we cannot recommend here by name, that we have found to be superior. It is the only portable handheld Low Level Laser device on the market that uses a unique combination of pulsed laser light and infrared radiation to deliver consistent, controlled results. Additional probes for this unit offer deep healing in the case of facial rejuvenation, weight loss, smoking cessation and anti-aging, as well as disc problems, chronic joint injuries, and an increase of bone and teeth density.