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A stimulant is an agent that temporarily increases the activity of either the sympathetic nervous system, the central nervous system (CNS), or both. They are used therapeutically to increase or maintain alertness, to counteract fatigue in situations where sleep is not practical, e.g., while operating vehicles, to counteract abnormal states that diminish alertness such as in narcolepsy, to promote weight loss and to enhance the ability to concentrate in people diagnosed with attentional disruptions (especially ADHD). Caffeine and nicotine are among the world’s most commonly used stimulants. Other well-known ones include ephedrine and amphetamines, and are often referred to in slang as “uppers.” Angelica root is a natural stimulant which revitalizes the senses and stimulates circulation. There are many other natural stimulants such as bayberry, reminiscent of pine, and peppermint, which is often an ingredient in natural herbal aromatherapy recipes that are very effective as alternatives to caffeine and other stimulating over-the-counter remedies.