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Whole Food Green Powder


Green whole food powder is a food-based supercharged nutritional boost. When compared to a synthetic multi-vitamin, green whole food powder is a far better choice. Unless you are juicing and consistently using organic produce, these products are very necessary. Anytime a food is processed, nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber are removed, creating a relative nutrient debt. If you want your billions of cells to function optimally, you need the balanced nutrients that whole foods provide for you. When this is not possible, however, whole food powder is one of the best ways of supplementing a whole-foods diet. These products are primarily made from freeze-dried superfoods, that is, foods that are known to contain high concentrations of various nutrients such as barley or wheat grass, spirulina, probiotics, sprouted seeds, chlorella, or blue-green algae. Single ingredient powders are often the best way to ensure high concentrations of a product and are usually more cost effective. The key to health through nutrition lies in selecting foods that are in their whole natural state, or as close as possible such as the whole food green powders.