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Goji Juice


Goji juice is a superfood made from the Asian wolfberry, also known as Ningxia goji berries, botanical name Lycium barbarum L. It is a popular medicinal berry used in China as an everyday food, and as a medicine, for centuries. It is known for its health and anti-aging qualities, and as a powerful restorative tonic. Traditionally, goji is used in Chinese herbal formulas, teas, tinctures, soups and healing broths.

Goji contains powerful polysaccharides, master molecules that control the smooth functioning of every cell in the body. It has more antioxidants than acai fruit, black raspberries, pomegranates, prunes and oranges. Antioxidants protect tissue and organs by neutralizing the damaging and mutating effects of free radicals, which are produced when the body burns food for energy, and which also come from harmful pollutants in the environment. A little goji goes a long way in combating free radical damage.

Goji is exceptionally nutrient dense, having, for example, about 15 times the free radical absorption capacity as green tea or kale. It has the ability to enhance immunity, and is amazingly energizing. Freshly squeezed goji juice has a unique, full-bodied taste that could be compared to a light version of pomegranate-blackberry juice.

When buying goji juice, look for 100% pure goji juice, organically grown berries, juice extraction that does not use heat, which would destroy antioxidant properties, deep orange color, and high Vitamin C content. High quality products contain at least 3 pounds of goji berries per quart of juice, which produces rich, full flavor and abundant nutrients.

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