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Hard to Swallow


Author: Sarjeant, Doris and Evans, Karen

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Description: Irradiated and genetically manipulated foods are already appearing unlabeled in your supermarket. Thousands of untested additives, many of which are banned throughout Europe, are present in the foods you eat every day. But you will never know which toxins and chemicals you are eating if you trust food labels to tell the whole story. Hard to Swallow: The Truth About Food Additives does tell the whole story. This up-to-date guide contains an alphabetical listing of nearly 300 chemical additives that repeatedly appear in the Standard American Diet. The authors explain the health and environmental dangers of genetic engineering and other modern methods of production that adulterate the foods we eat every day. The book is not just a critique of the current state of affairs; it offers constructive solutions for consumers who want to halt the alarming trends in farming (genetic engineering, pesticides, insecticides) and food production (irradiation) by rolling up their sleeves and demanding changes be made to our food and labeling laws. The authors’ aim is an enlightened citizenry where every one of us can make truly informed consumer decisions.