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Healing Colon Disease Naturally


Author: Schulze, Dr. Richard

Price: $29.00

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Description: “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Underestimate the Healing Power of a Colon Cleansing.”

Dr. Richard Schulze, one of the foremost authorities on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicines in the world.

“For over three decades in my clinic, I have helped tens of thousands of patient heal themselves with my powerful Herbal Formulae and my Natural Healing Programs. I learned from my patients that Colon Cleansing was always the FIRST STEP to better health, no matter what their disease or sickness. Miraculously, 80% of my patients got WELL simply after doing my Bowel Detoxification Program found in this book.

Inside you will clearly see that the real cause behind the majority of sickness and disease in America is the retention and storage of toxic, poisonous waste in our colon and the infrequency of it emptying. I will show you how cleansing your colon will make the biggest healing difference in your life, help you to heal any disease and sickness and create powerful lasting health and vitality.”