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HEALING THE ITCH – A Quick Fix for Yeast Infections


Anyone can be afflicted by a yeast infection, particularly in our days of stress and the potential for sugar overload. Antibiotics often merely perpetuate the condition, stopping it temporarily but leaving the underlying cause at the ready to begin a new infection again, once conditions are ideal.

Coconut in iceIdeal conditions to launch a yeast infection include: wearing synthetic garments that do not “breathe”, sugar and carb overload, general lack of balanced diet…. all leading to a systemic imbalance in necessary microflora- one which a probiotics pill simply cannot overcome. For more insight and empowerment on this issue, we recommend reading “Herbal Healing for Women”, by Rosemary Gladstar- this book explains why health becomes imbalanced in the first place, and gives excellent home instruction for a variety of women’s health concerns throughout the life cycle.

At Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts, we make an effective ovule in our herbal apothecary to sooth and rebalance this problem, and you can too. Here’s how:

1 pint of coconut oil. Health food stores should have organic unbleached “virgin” types; Spectrum and Tropical Traditions are brands
1 small bottle of Lavender essential oil. Most health food stores and even amazon carry therapeutic grade pure essential oils.
Ice cube trays- the small flexible kind in shapes like “sticks” or oval shapes are good- again, amazon, Ikea, or other sources

Bring the coconut oil to liquid form- this is easily accomplished by setting the jar in hot water for an hour or setting the jar on a sunny windowsill. Coconut oil is hard after refrigeration and easily liquifies with warmth. No need to heat it up; do not microwave it.

Add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to the pint of coconut oil, and mix well. Do not use more than this- it is unnecessary, and lavender essential oil keeps well if stored properly and has many uses.

In this instance Lavender essential oil is antimicrobial, soothing, and antiviral. Coconut oil, with it’s medium chain fatty acids and general constituency, is also naturally antimicrobial and balancing.

Pour the mixture into the ice cube molds. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour or longer, until hardened.

Insert into the body, one ovule/suppository about 1.5-2 inches long, just as you would insert a tampon. It is helpful to prop your legs against a couch or a bed so that you are in a slightly inverted pose for a few minutes to allow the coconut oil to reach back into the tissues and become absorbed. Use common sense!

In our experience, it is helpful to administer 2-4 of these the first day, and often the following day none are needed, or one is needed. Of course, we need to avoid the habits which bring about yeast infections in the first place. Avoid sugar, baked goods, processed cereals, excess grains, and all products with added sugars.

Add greens- vegetables, cooked and raw, as well as salads- to your daily diet. Many of us need far more than we are really getting! Make certain you have a daily high protein source in your meals- and be aware that “protein powders” contain a lot of added sugar and do not qualify as quality here. Exercise daily to get the cleansing blood and lymph flowing- you are the steward and caretaker of the potentially healthy temple that is your body!

Mary Light, ND MH, Traditional Naturopath and Director of Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts, Ann Arbor, Michigan (www.naturopathicschoolofannarbor.net) and New Life Energies Wellness Center. 734-769-7794.