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Hibiscus, a Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure


As a vegetable it’s a delicacy in Mexico, and in the Caribbean it is used for jam.

But new studies have revealed that the beautiful hibiscus plant could bring relief to millions.

Drink tea and keep calm!

Research has shown that hibiscus tea is a natural cure for blood pressure – surely good news for all of you out there who suffer from hypertension.

The studies are published in the Phytomedicine, the International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology.

No nasty side-effects

One study compared the effects of drinking 16 ounces of hibiscus tea every morning with taking 25mg of the hypertension drug Captropil twice a day. The results showed that the tea worked just as well as the medicine – without the side effects of course.

Another study tested the effects of 250g of total anthocyanins (the active component of hibiscus) with 10mg of hypertension medicine Lisinopril daily for four weeks. The research revealed: “those receiving the hibiscus had a significantly decrease in blood pressure as compared to the medication group.”

Lowering sodium

Participants who took hibiscus also saw their sodium levels decrease (but not their potassium.) This is great news because too much sodium can increase blood pressure while potassium is needed to keep blood pressure levels in check.

So as long as you drink hibiscus tea, blood pressure levels will be lowered. To permanently lower them, you need to make fundamental changes to your lifestyle, including eating a nutrient-rich diet, taking exercise – and of course, learning to relax.

But it’s good to know that a natural cure for blood pressure is just a sip away!

Did you know?

  • Hibiscus is native to Malaya where it is the national flower and the Chinese hibiscus is native to East Asia
  • The seeds are said to have been transported to the New World by African slaves
  • In Hawaii it is known as ma’o hau hele and the state flower and women wear it singly, tucked behind the ear, denoting their availability for marriage!
  • Chinese hibiscus, in Hindu worship, is a holy offering to the mother-goddess Kali
  • Chinese hibiscus is used as an antifungal and has emollient properties
  • In the Pacific Islands, the red flowered hibiscus is used for hair care
  • In Ayurvedic medicine, white hibiscus buds aid digestion and the flowers are dried in the shade of a neem tree and used against cancers