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Holiday Gifts for Health


The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year – and the most difficult – when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for yourself and others. Everyone thinks it is their own personal struggle to stay healthy, and that it is their own failure that they can’t keep their weight under control or stay fit. So, this holiday, let’s help each other out by giving gifts that will help someone eat healthier, be healthier, and become more aware and active; you’ll feel great just doing it!

For healthier eating:
~ Smoothie Blender with Recipes: This gift is especially perfect for someone who doesn’t have time in the morning for breakfast. Print out some recipes for healthy smoothies such as those in the “Natural Recipes” section of Natural Living on the Natural Cures website. You can also include the Classic Green Juice recipe, found in the same section. Other small kitchen appliances could be a crock pot, rice cooker, juicer, or even a pressure cooker; all great for healthy, organic cooking.

~ Session with a holistic nutritionist. Lots of people try to eat healthy, but are unsure of putting a program together for themselves. A nutritionist can help tailor an eating plan to a person’s individual needs, and create a plan the person is more likely to stick to.

~ Oil and vinegar: Say what? This could really be a luxurious gift if you purchase a beautiful bottle of organic olive oil, and a bottle of high-quality, pure, organic, natural apple cider vinegar with the “mother” in it – remember the “Tip of the Week” on the Natural Cures website, in August 2006? Place both bottles in a box along with a cruet set appropriate for the recipient.

~ Purchase an annual subscription to a Natural Health Magazine; or, better yet, a year’s subscription to the Natural Cures Newsletter. Buy a subscription for one year, and insert it into a current issue of the newsletter/magazine. Also, check out the “Recommended Reading” choices in the Natural Living section, as well as “Books and Tapes” in the Products section of the website.

We all need help in the coming weeks with health-conscious ideas to promote wellness during this Holiday Season, and well into the New Year. Stay tuned for more suggestions next week.