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How do you stay fit and healthy?


For most of us, staying fit is not that easy. Personally, I stay fit doing the following:

I have to eat to stay fit and healthy.  I eat at the cellular level, meaning I think about what my cells need…my arteries, heart, brain, etc. and I eat food that contains the necessary trace minerals and vitamins. I eat breakfast if nothing else whether I am hungry or not.   My cells and body parts are my best supporters and help me, so I make sure I take care of them.

I also eat foods that help me eliminate. I am conscious of the fact that I am what I eat, assimilate and excrete.  I add foods like avocadoes, apples, olive oil, pure butter, whole grains for fiber, dark greens, and fruits to my diet.  These aid digestion and provoke peristalsis.

I think about food and my body as a partnership…each depending on the other to do its part.   I do not get too rigid. I harmonize food and life; try different things and recipes…if it does not work, it creates something even more tantalizing, lol.

I stretch every morning for five to ten minutes.  This practice alone is one that can improve your health and looks dramatically. I also walk during my lunch breaks…great time to connect with above, below and around and within and to remember all I planned before I went into the office.

I walk the stairs every morning I get to work; only three flights but every time I get to third level, I ask myself, “who ‘punished’ me to do this?  In fact that is how I really wake up in the mornings (and the stretches).  Next day I do the same…how easy we forget sweet pain!  Gym, soccer and dancing are good but I make sure above is done daily so in case I cannot go to gym, I am covered!

Rest comes in very handy. It is hard these days to get enough sleep if you are trying to create/serve/work/family etc.  But if I consistently don’t rest, I get hoarse, have digestive issues, get lethargic, etc. and Joy stays an arm’s length away from me. Joy is my strength….so to get rest, I prioritize and schedule.   Days I try to go to bed 30 minutes early; I get an extra hour of sleep on a day I can or just lie in bed and breathe.  Adrenal fatigue can be a very dangerous thing!

I help others develop their own Personal Code to stay fit and healthy, we are all different.  Self Knowledge is also key to staying fit.   We also discuss how to combine foods, how to eat at the cellular level, Internal exercises that exercise those organs that support you; listening to your body and communicating with it.  I am working on a booklet on weight maintenance; stay tuned.

Staying fit and healthy is a conscious choice.  It is not effortless for me so I make it a life style in that way I do not think/cry much. I go up and down on the scale… but tomorrow is another day to error correct!

If you need personal coaching to develop your own system, send me an email at [email protected]

By Esther Lamnyam