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Ice Cream


Description: Generally speaking, traditional ice cream is to be avoided, despite the creamy, rich pleasure many enjoy. It is high in sugar and butterfat content, and made with pasteurized and homogenized milk. Enjoy on special occasions only, and when taking pleasure in this divine treat, whenever possible choose organic. For the ultimate experience, purchase fresh ingredients and make homemade ice cream from raw milk, raw cream, organic eggs, and unrefined sugar, agave or maple syrup.

A wonderful alternative to traditional dairy ice cream can be made from fresh frozen fruit. If you own a Champion, Green Star, or other single or twin gear juicer, you can push frozen bananas and other frozen fruits of choice through the juicer, using the blank rather than the screen, to create a delightful sugar- and dairy-free, raw version of ice cream (see recipe section).

What to look for: Organic ice cream, made from cow, goat, rice or nut milks.

Uses: A wonderful treat which can be topped with fresh berry sauce or chocolate fudge. Best enjoyed as an indulgence on special occasions!

Where to find: Health Food Stores and Online Resources.

Avoid: Inorganic ice cream.