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The I Ching And Your Mental Health


As a former psychotherapist with great disappointment in the results of western mental health practices, it only made sense to look to the East for a more effective system for restoring mental and emotional balance. For more than 30 years, our company (I Ching Systems) has applied the mathematical codes found in the I Ching along with the basic principles of Chinese medicine in the development of a revolutionary emotional balancing system. Our goal was to find a pathway to alleviate emotional imbalances immediately at a structural level without having to sit for weeks and maybe years discussing the possible sources of the problems in therapy, often with limited relief at best.

We area small group composed of former clinical social workers and educators. Our technology involves various hand-held instruments designed to be used whenever a person feels out ofbalance. See the photo below. Western mental health focuses on the content of any problem or situation. The idea is that by talking about the content of a particular situation or event, one can find relief and resolution for that content. Yet, very often talking is not enough to resolve mental and emotional distress or change the long-term outcomes for a person’s life. In some ways, psychotherapy is like going to your mechanic in need of brake pads:instead of fixing your brakes, your mechanic sits with your car, says warm supportive thingsto your car and then you drive away with the same need for brake pads because the problem never got addressed at its source within the structure of the car.

Please know that weare not against psychotherapy. Counseling and therapy can be magical if the therapist and client genuinely like one another. However, in my opinion, some emotional imbalances are very complex and are held in a “protective” mode, making it difficult to unravel by just talking. If you think about how your computer functions in protective mode, you can see how difficult it can be access the information you need. These survival systems can be traced back to childhood patterns developed during times when the person was under emotional stress. These experiences might include situations in the home with parents who, for whatever reasons, lacked the resources to care for and support their children.Some of these emotional imbalances can also be traced back to exposure to current educational practices that could not be more unnatural for children. Where else in life are children forcedto sit still in chairs without being able to use the bathroom when they need to, eat when they are hungry, go outside and play when they feel like it, talk to a friend, say no to a subject that they have no interest in learning, etc.? Where else are people graded using a predetermined bell curve that will only find about 5% of any class worthy of an A? What children learn in school is to act against themselves and feel safe doing so.

These experiences form electromagnetic circuitry that later become repetitive patterns that keep people lockedin the past and unable to move forward in their lives. These circuits are structural in nature and they exist as unresolved mathematical equations in the human consciousness. Talking about the content in this circuitry can be comforting but something much more has to happen to convert the energy trapped in those patterns into something useful and valuable. Again, these are just my personal opinions,but you may notice that what I am saying is observable in your own everyday life.

To solve these structural problems that cause so much emotional imbalance, we looked to the principles of Chinese medicine and the I Ching. Chinese medicine is all about context or structure. It is about viewing the whole person and treating the whole system by supporting everything in the system that is good and life-giving, and working to release anything in the system that is toxic and detrimental. Chinese medicine accounts for how all the parts of each person’s structure are interconnected and how these parts interact with one another.

Chinese medicine recognizes the idea of life force or energy flowing through the consciousness through an organized system of energetic circuitry. And, it recognizes the electromagnetic aspects of the consciousness. These basic principles account, in part, for why acupuncture medicine is so effective. Acupuncture medicine is a system that moves life force or the flow of energy through the electrical system in order to restore balance and harmony. Once in balance, the body has a much greater possibility of repairing itself.

All of our instruments have been built with these principles in mind. Rather than trying to figure out the content of a person’s emotional imbalance, our technology addresses the context or structure in which the imbalance is taking place. Our instruments are designed to address and support the natural flow of life force through a person’s system. At the same time, if used when a person feels out of balance, they are designed to address the energetic circuitry that is causing the imbalances.

To accomplish these goals, we have studied the effects of colors, herbs, minerals, gem stones, metals and so much more,but the real breakthroughs came when we went back to the ancient mathematical codes found in the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes. The I Ching is an ancient text that contains sixty-four drawings known as Hexagrams. Each Hexagram is composed of six lines, some lines are solid and some are open. Each Hexagram is different. These Hexagrams with their binary math codes are the basis of the universe. There are 64 Hexagrams and 64 bits or math codes in your computer. Your DNA can be broken down into Hexagrams. Crystals are composed of these math codes and so is the human consciousness.

We can call the solid lines 0’s and they act as closed gates. The broken lines are 1’s and they are open gates. Energy flows through the consciousness tracking these gates. When someone is upsetor out of balance mentally and emotionally, there is an open gate that should be closed or vice versa. Acupuncture medicine is built on a binary math code system. When a person is in pain, there is a closed gate that should be open and there is too much energy built up behind that gate. The acupuncturist is treating the pain by resetting a person’s gates so that energy can once again flow freely through a person’ systems.

The I Ching Systems instruments were designed on this same principle. You simply hold an instrument whenever you feel out of balance. The instrument is designed to address the flow of energy through the entire consciousness, resetting the gates in order to restore equilibrium.It is hard for some people to imagine that such a system exists. We have all been taught to accept stress and emotional struggles as “normal” and to live with our imbalances as if they were natural. So many people live with and accept painful relationships, jobs they hate, and living situations that do not support their well-being because we have all been taught to adjust into our imbalances ratherthan to seek resolution. Your mental and emotional health is your most valuable asset. Yet, consider what you do – and do not do – to support and protect that precious asset.

The ancient knowledge and binary math codes of the I Ching may just be the keys to our emotional balance and inner calm. I think we may have found that proverbial “peek in the crack of the cosmic egg,” and for some people this technology may just change your life.To learn more, go to our website www.ichingsystemsinstruments.com or call us at 508-944-4250 or drop me an email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: These Instruments are for experimental purposes only, and the FDA has not approved/evaluated these tools, resources, recommendations, and/or aids. All products, procedures, and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, and/or cure any disease. None of the products, procedures, and information replaces or substitutes for the advice of a practicing medical doctor. See a qualified practicing MD for any disease or medical condition.