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Juice Alive: The Ultimate Guide To Juicing Remedies


Author: Bailey, Steven and Trivieri, Larry

Price: $14.95

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Description: Since juicing is more than just inserting fruits and vegetables down a chute, it is incumbent that any juicing author explain what to juice and how to juice. This is the authors’ strong point. They insist on the need to buy only organic products, and to mix them in combinations that will produce a desired result, most often an optimal acid-alkaline balance that is a requisite for vibrant health. Along the way, they include a staggering variety of herbs that one may add for flavor and health. They also suggest that juicing ought to be part of a periodical fasting in which the user can purge his system of accumulated toxins by eschewing solid food for a week in favor of selected juices. This part of the book was detailed but still the average user can design his own juice fast based on the paradign given. Bailey and Trivieri conclude with a listing of common health problems from acne to allergies to whooping cough and yeast infections. In this section, they include relevant juicing ingredients tailored to that medical issue. In Juice Alive, Bailey and Trivieri present a text that is clearly written and authoritative such that the neophyte juicer can literally drink himself to good health.