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Could Ziziphus jujuba patches help you sleep better?

This could be the secret to a good night's sleep...at last!


When you sleep better, you feel better, and you perform better.

Unfortunately, the mass-market, mainstream media-pushed “sleep aids” on the OTC market are not only poor but full of who knows what ingredients.

the team at Ewater (Normally known for air and water products) have created a new, non-drug, transdermal patch infused with the frequency of the jujube fruit.

The Jujube fruit, also known as “Red date”, “Chinese date” or “Chinese Jujube” derives from trees and shrubs that can grow to 39 feet in height.

The chinese believe it not only helps with sleep, but alleviates stress and has anti-inflammatory qualities.

For a limited time, we have 30 night sample packs available in the store. You can see more here

Could this be a new solution to a good nights sleep? We look forward to hearing the reviews!