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Kefir Making Recipe


Homemade kefir is delicious. It’s worth making your own. Here’s how:

Always choose organic milk, and buy raw milk, whenever possible. Homemade kefir is unbelievably easy. Just warm milk to 80 degrees, add the starter culture, shake or stir, then cover and let it sit for 24 hours on your kitchen countertop.

When the kefir is ready, the jar will be full of a thick, gelatinous, creamy mixture, rather than just milk. Blend by shaking the jar and taste while at room temperature, then refrigerate to slow the fermentation process. Fermentation continues, but at a much slower rate once refrigerated. If you leave the culture out long enough it will thicken into kefir cheese.

Making a new batch every couple of days insures the best product. If you buy ready-made kefir, choose the unsweetened varieties, and if they do not taste good to you add a bit of stevia, some vanilla flavoring, or add to the Candida Safe Smoothie. See the Coconut Kefir recipe for information on making non-dairy kefirs.