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Kevin Trudeau Whole Food Supplements

An update on the unique and popular supplements KT Daily


Kevin Trudeau Whole Food Supplements. a.k.a. KT Daily

When the KT Daily supplements were first launched over 10 years ago, they revolutionized how people approached daily supplementation. Everything from the balance and composition, through to timing and release of nutrients were suddenly discussed.

This Whole Food supplement railed against large pharma’s desires for you to take the same, single supplement, every day. Instead KT Daily mixed up the quantity, frequency and combination based upon the experience gained over more than 20 years.

Does KT Daily still exist?

Sadly not.

While very popular when launched around 2010, a number of factors mean that the supplements stopped being produced in around 2014. Due to the nature of the production process (no nasties) any remaining stocks would have naturally spoiled, so should not still be consumed.

Would you still buy the supplements if they were to be produced again?

As with all things, if demand is there, then the supplements could go in to production again. If you’d like to be informed if they go on sale again, please email us and let us know!

What supplements can we recommend in the meantime?

There are some terrific options to help you keep your supplementation where it should be. While they aren’t a direct replacement for the Whole food supplements, they are a good alternative:

Morter Healthcare

Herbs Direct

Starwest Botanicals