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Let’s Rebound and Jump for Joy!: Part 2


Have you started bouncing for health yet? If not, let’s see if some of the following information will help get you motivated. Rebounders are suitable for everyone – in fact, this is one of the reasons why rebounders are such sound investments! The whole family is able to benefit from rebounding – from toddlers to grandparents.

When you rebound lightly, as in the ‘health bounce’ (all you do in the health bounce is stand on the mat and lightly lift your heels up and down, and the rebounder mat and springs do the bounce for you – you don’t even have to lift your feet off the mat), you strengthen your body’s immune system (the rebound action increases your white blood cell count temporarily), promote cellular repair, attain absolute potential of cells, circulate more oxygen to the tissues, reduce arterial pressure, increase production of red blood cells, improve transmission of nerve impulses, obtain relief from headaches and neck and back pain, increase mental performance, slow aging and so much more.

It is especially healing for the ankles, knees and low back, without the shock of regular exercise. Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cited rebounding as being 68% more efficient than regular running exercises. And, it is more playful than it is a job of exercise. All other exercises – running, tennis, swimming, weight training, fitness exercises – are done on the horizontal plane. In rebounding, “every cell of the body is being stimulated by the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity”. And, you don’t have to exert yourself to get these benefits. The eldest of the elderly can do this, as well as the handicapped person, and the arthritic. Yes, rebounding is excellent even for those with arthritis. It is important to find ways to move and circulate energy through the joints, as joints themselves do not have their own ability to circulate or flush through veins or the lymph system, the way that organs do. They need extra help to flush and cleanse, so rebounding is a perfect solution. Bouncing is a painless, easy way to move excess waste and toxins out of inflamed joints; it flushes the lymphatic system as it helps move toxic substances and dead white blood cells out of the joints. During bouncing, the by-products from white blood cells are immediately flushed out before they can form new waste by-products. When the inflammation subsides, gentle motion exercises with all the joints help re-establish painless movement.

Osteoporosis is another condition that can be helped, as bones become stronger when they are used, and the cells take in more minerals with use of the bones (exercise). Even where osteoporosis is already present, a gradual program of rebounding, starting slowly, can help build bone density. Other conditions that have been improved or healed are: varicose veins, overweight, sagging, bagging and wrinkling, and many other conditions of aging and disabilities. Yes, you can rebound even with handicaps, gently or with the help of a buddy, sitting, kneeling or standing!

Rebounding can also be used in more assertive ways: as an aerobic exercise and for gaining strength; in fact, weight training is enhanced by rebounding. You can even hold light weights while rebounding. There is greater fat metabolism, muscle definition and improved strength and endurance as a result of rebounding with weight training. Rebounding helps flush the lactic acids from stressed muscles.

Rebounders come in a wide range of quality and price. For self-protection, look for a rebounder with a Permatron mat that has at least 36 springs that are covered, and six legs with rubber tips. When you stand on the rebounder, there should be perfect firmness in the mat, while still being highly responsive. Look for durable connections between the frame, springs, and mat. There are rebounder foldaway models available for easy storage and traveling. For those using rebounders as physical therapy, or working on balance issues, stabilizing bars are also available for greater safety and stability. Choose a rebounder that comes with a long, or lifetime, warranty. Numerous books and videos are available which provide inspiration, education, and various workout routines if you want to rebound to a DVD with others, jumping for joy. See more about the Rebounder in the Natural Living – Virtual Marketplace section of the Natural Cures website.

Avoid buying a rebounder for a fraction of the price of high-quality rebounders. Lower-end models, usually found at sporting goods stores, are not considered therapeutic tools nor do they come with lifetime warranties. Over the long-run, you are best off investing in a well-made, high quality mini-trampoline.

If you like other forms of exercise, activities, and sports, remember that “rebound exercise increases one’s tolerance for exercise”. In other words, consider rebounding as a precursor to all other exercises and activities. By doing so, you will enjoy life to its longest and fullest. And, I’ll see you on the other side of 100!