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Live Blood Cell Analysis


We at Natural Cures highly recommend having Live Cell testing done in addition to standard blood testing procedures. It provides a valuable source of information and is useful for confirming existing results as well as discovering previously unsighted factors that may not be detectable with standard tests.

In Darkfield Microscopy or Live Blood Analysis, fresh whole blood cells are studied under a specially adapted microscope that projects the image of your blood onto a video screen. This allows you to see your blood and to view your inner terrain. Virus, digestive and eliminative action, immune function, toxicity levels, hydration levels, heavy metal load, Candida, and fungal problems, parasites, bacteria and other micro-organisms can all be assessed. They are clearly visible through Live Blood Analysis.

Analysis also shows the evolutionary stages of even the smallest proteins in human blood, the endobionts. The darkfield examination clearly shows the state of health of the red blood cells, the endobionts, and the blood plasma in both a functional and structural way.

Darkfield examination is suitable for everyone, especially for evaluating those patients with chronic diseases. It is excellent for those prone to infections, or those with recurrent bacterial problems.

The testing gives you instant gratification as the results are discussed and demonstrated live on the screen. You can ask questions and see what the inner workings of your body first hand. Darkfield cannot be replaced by any other blood test; it is not a normal microscope examination. It can, however, confirm results or point you to additional traditional blood tests performed in laboratories. Live Cell Analysis is non-invasive and is great for children.

How is Live Cell Analysis or Darkfield Microscopy done?

Using a small fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the finger and directly placed on a glass slide. Without fixation or coloring, the blood is immediately looked at through the darkfield microscope. You are able to follow the process via video transmission on a large screen. A standard examination lasts approximately 15 minutes. A skilled practitioner will watch the blood over an extended period of time to see how it evolves. The blood will then be examined again several hours after taking the sample. This procedure provides valuable information about how fast cells are degenerating. It also reveals cell resilience, immune system activity and general degenerative tendency.

We recommend repeating this examination every three months if you are being treated for an illness. For general health maintenance, once a year is ideal.

Results obtained through Darkfield testing prove that co-relations exist between blood, parasites, symbionts, bacteria and fungi. It has been proven that chronic diseases are provoked by compromised endobionts and that bacteria, viruses and fungi that develop in our bodies, can change to pathogenic agents or diseases, depending upon the state of our inner terrain. This inner terrain is determined by acid-base balance, protein content and one’s level of trace elements. Live Cell or Darkfield Microscopy can indicate potential illness that may not be detectable from other forms of testing. Therefore, it is a highly valued preventative test.