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Magnetic Jewelry


Description: Bio-Magnetic therapies can be easily applied to one’s life through the utilization of magnetic jewelry. Most magnetic jewelry aligns the North poles of magnets in a straight arrangement that exposes the wearer to a negative magnetic field. The fashioning of this magnetic science varies considerably in decoration and material. With research it is even possible to make one’s own magnetic jewelry for therapeutic use. Personal testimonials indicate that biological responses to a negative magnetic field include increased oxygenation of blood cells and alkalizing of the body, which in turn increase the body’s natural healing mechanisms. This magnetic field may further affect the iron component of the blood (hemoglobin), and contribute to increased circulation to the areas of magnetic application.

What to look for: Look for rare earth magnets for their high quality and strength. It is important to look for jewelry that incorporates a negative magnetic field for therapy. It is the negative magnetic field that excites oxygenation and positively invigorates health. If the jewelry piece has multiple magnets, each pole should be facing the same direction and arranged to provide an even magnetic field. Multi-pole therapy, wherein North and South poles are alternated, should be reserved for finger and toe-ring magnetic therapy.

Uses: Magnetic bracelets or toe and finger rings may be used to positively affect painful areas by decreasing inflammation, or simply worn as a preventative measure for general good health and vitality. The toe and finger rings have been further utilized in tandem in order to enhance electrical currents throughout the body. In the case of finger rings, for example, one finger ring would be worn with the South magnetic pole facing upwards, and the other ring would be worn with the North magnetic pole facing upwards.

Where to find: Magnetic jewelry can be found at specialty stores and through online resources. If you are looking for high quality magnets in order to create your own jewelry, check into scientific project specialty stores.

Avoid: Avoid any jewelry that provides an exclusively positive magnetic field. Avoid wearing magnets turned to the positive South Pole. Use a compass to determine poles if you are unsure; the North needle of a compass always points to the magnet’s South Pole. A positive magnetic field actually activates electrons that energize acid dependent enzymes, thereby producing the opposite therapeutic effects outlined above for a negative magnetic field. The use of a positive magnetic field is ordinarily limited to specific short-term remedies for use in extreme cases such as injury, cancer, and immunological disorders. It is recommended that you consult a medical practitioner before seeking to incorporate any short-term, positive magnetic field treatments.