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Mary Miller : Beating The Holiday Stress



Written exclusively for NaturalCures.com by Mary Miller: I Ching Systems

I was at the grocery store yesterday chatting with Cathy, the cashier, about ordinary, everyday matters. She told me that she and her husband had just bought a new, wide-screen television set that was bigger than they ever imagined having in their living room. They were so excited until they realized that the digital aspects were way over their heads and they would have to seek help. And for $200 US dollars they got that technical support.

All was well for 2 days until they lost Channel 7 and they could not figure out why. But they decided that instead of investing another $200 in a technical visit, they would just live without Channel 7. This meant that every time they watched their new television, they had the potential to experience the stress of a non-working Channel 7.

Now sure, this probably seems like a small thing in the scheme of life.  But this stressful experience would be added to each of their other every-day stress particles. And imagine how many other thousands of small things are sitting in their ‘stress wagons’ along with that non-working Channel 7.

4 decades of research in to Stress & Human Consciousness

For almost four decades, I have been involved with a company now called I Ching Systems. We have studied the myriad of sources of stress on the human consciousness and how we can best help alleviate that stress. After decades of research, we have come to the conclusion that most people accept stress as a normal way of life and have no expectation that alleviating the stress in their life is possible. For many of us, it is as if we began accepting stress as normal very early in life and just planned to pull a wagon full of stress particles behind us throughout our lives without question.

For example, little Johnny grows up in family where he is trying to please his mother in order to gain her approval and attention. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot find that approval and attention he is seeking.  So he begins to carry that stress every day of his young life. He begins to pull that wagon full of attention and approval stress particles as if it were a natural way to live. That loop of seeking approval takes him into a marriage where he is caught trying to please his wife for her approval and attention. His marriage just becomes another source of stress that he has carried over from childhood into his adult life.

Little Jane grows up with parents who are overwhelmed by their own problems. She learns early on to sacrifice some of her essential needs just to survive. She grows up with a patterns of sacrificing her needs often at her own expense, loading her stress wagon with unmet needs as a source of her stress. Her pattern continues to run at home with her family and at work with her boss until she just wears herself out. In other words, her ‘stress wagon’ is so full of stress particles that she eventually becomes ill.

Stress is not a “natural” state

While stress might be normal, it is far from natural.  We are all in a continuous state of seeking our perfect balance point. This is the place where we use the least amount of resources to sustain the highest level of energy. It is from this place of natural balance that all health emerges. In fact, all natural medicine seems to be built on the mind and body’s natural urgency to find balance. Let’s further define mental and emotional balance as a condition in which we are able to successfully process all the particles affecting our systems at any given moment in time. In other words, it is the place where we are not burdened by stress.

Stress is a condition that detracts from that perfect balance point and requires us to use resources sustaining a survival condition. Let’s further define stress as a condition in which we unable to process all of the particles effecting our systems at any given moment in time. With this definition, you can see that there are far more people living with and accepting stress as a normal way of life. Normal it may be but, again, it is not natural.

So the question is: What’s in your ‘stress wagon?’ What stresses do you accept as normal and okay, and carry through your life every day? And would you like to live a more balanced, more natural life?

As former clinical social workers working in western mental health, we listened to the problems of many, many clients over time. It was apparent that talking about problems, especially unresolved early childhood problems, was often not enough to alleviate the stress associated with those events.  Most people seem to be caught in mathematical loops like Johnny and Jane in our examples, where they go around in emotional circles trying to resolve events from many years ago.

Stressful times for most

Today we live in a more stressful world than probably ever before in our lives. Along with carrying unresolved patterns from early years of life, many people are burdened by stressful family lives now as adults. Many people are burdened by work environments every day. And then there is all that is going on in the world around us. Ten minutes of international news will probably leave most people out of balance. There are more stress particles to process per minute, per week than probably ever before in our lives.

 I Ching systems

Our company, I Ching Systems has a possible solution. Now, after almost 40 years of research and development, we have a stress relief technology that has been used by an estimated 2,000,000 people around the globe. Our technology comes in the form of hand-held instruments designed with ancient Chinese Symbols from the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes. Our instruments work on the principles of Acupuncture Medicine, viewing the human consciousness as a vast array of energetic circuits through which life force. And interruption in the natural flow of this life force is essentially a source of stress.

If you would like to learn more go to our website at www.ichingsystems.net. You have nothing to lose by trying one of our stress-relieving instruments except some of the stress in your everyday life because all of our instruments come with a money-back guarantee.

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