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Mouth Ulcers: Natural Treatment


If you’ve ever had mouth ulcers, you know what it is: it hurts, it burns, you can’t eat.

Conventional treatments that are effective at the time don’t prevent mouth ulcers from coming back. Do you dream of getting rid of these recurring canker sores? Did you know that natural dentistry allows, through its global approach, a treatment of pain, rapid healing of the mouth ulcer and above all a thorough treatment that will prevent recurrences? (read more)

The canker sore is an ulceration of the oral mucosa, a small, whitish, rounded wound surrounded by a red border.

It can appear alone or in groups, anywhere in the mouth.

If it is located at the base of the tongue or on the veil of the palate, it could be thought to be angina.

Soothe the pain of the mouth ulcer

– 3 parts baking soda + 1 part water: apply this paste as a poultice on the canker sore and leave to act.

– Chew raw leaves of fresh basil or watercress

– Apply Manuka Honey directly to the canker sore or as a mouthwash diluted in warm water.

– 1 drop of essential oil of noble laurel directly on the mouth ulcer.

Healing the canker sore quickly

In addition to local care to accelerate the healing of the ulcerous wound.

– In homeopathy BORAX 5 CH 3 granules 3 times a day

– Increase your intake of vitamin B6 and B12 (yeast or wheat germ) avocado banana

– Mouthwash with a decoction (boil for 10 minutes then infuse for 5 minutes) of carrot tops.

Prevention of mouth ulcers

– If mouth ulcers appear after eating nuts, crack an apple at the same time and finish with the apple

– Avoid putting dirty fingers in your mouth.

– Wash fruits and raw vegetables well before eating them.

– Associating ultra-yeast with each antibiotic treatment

– Use only organic toothpastes, without Lauryl Sulfate.

– The daily use of mouthwashes unbalances the oral flora which favors the appearance of mouth ulcers.

– Recurrent mouth ulcers: basic treatment in homeopathy or acupuncture

Frequent mouth ulcers

Think of an inflammation of your digestive system and an a “liver blockade”.

It is therefore necessary to deeply regenerate the intestinal immune potential.

– biodynamic mare’s milk from Jum Vital

-> pur’koumiss 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach

-> freeze-dried mare’s milk capsules: at bedtime, open the capsule and keep the powder under the tongue while falling asleep without swallowing it. It will gradually melt during the night.

– Basic homeopathic treatment

– Fundamental acupuncture treatment

The canker sore and his emotions

Mouth ulcers appear more commonly in people sensitive to energy, to the “vibrations” of a situation’s atmosphere.

The canker sore can mean “I suffer silently with my mouth closed” I can’t say anything. I couldn’t answer. I remain mute without even thinking of rebelling. My sensitivity is very great, and I wear masks, I play a role, for fear of coming into contact with my deepest emotions. I’m ulcerated by what’s happening and I don’t react.

Aphtha on the gum: I am destabilized, the attack has shaken my certainties (fear + anger).

Aphtha on the cheeks: I didn’t feel respected

Aphtha on the lips:

  • Lower = my emotional needs have been pushed back…
  • Superior = I have suffered a vexation a rejection in my social relations

Aphtha on the tongue: I blame myself for not answering in self-defense, for not having spoken the right words at the right time.

Aphtha on the palate: I feel I’m being treated unfairly

Aphtha on the floor of the tongue: I feel affected in my intimacy, my modesty, my delicacy.

In conclusion: if mouth ulcers are frequent it means that your immune system is weakened anyway. A thorough treatment (homeopathy, acupuncture) is essential.

It is also necessary to investigate the general condition, because mouth ulcers can be symptoms that accompany diabetes, AIDS, or other chronic conditions.