Natural Remedies For Over 200 Illnesses

Natural Cures Audio Book CD 1


Natural Cures Audio Book CD 1

In this audio book, Kevin Trudeau, author of the book Natural Cures THEY Don’t Want You To Know About, will share with you information from his book and expound upon it.

There are all-natural remedies that can treat, prevent and cure virtually any disease. The government is trying to suppress this information. It’s possible to live healthy lives without drugs and unnecessary surgery. After experiencing what he thought might be a heart attack at age 21, Kevin Trudeau was diagnosed as having been born with a mitral valve prolapse. This severe heart deformation would cause him major medical problems the rest of his life. There was no cure, and drugs and risky surgery was suggested. After seeing an alternative doctor he’d heard of, he was told that in America, this problem is incurable. However, there are natural cures that can reverse the mitral valve prolapse in a matter of weeks. These treatments are not approved by the FDA.!

A procedure of live cell injections was available in Switzerland and Mexico.

The treatment was painless, quick, cheap, and it worked. These treatments are still not available in America.

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