Natural Remedies For Over 200 Illnesses

Natural Cures Audio Book CD 11


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 11


The mind and thoughts can have a dramatic instantaneous effect on the body’s chemistry and how all organs and glands work.

In research, when a person begins to feel stress, the person’s body can go from alkaline to acidic in a matter of minutes. Thoughts can bring on disease faster than any other cause. Energy-based frequencies used at clinics around the world are highly effective at curing the “incurable” diseases. According to researchers, electromagnetic frequencies underlie all chemical and mechanical reactions in the body.

Applying a frequency that resonates with specific tissues help the tissue regain coherence and heal. This goes against all medical theories and against the concept that drugs are the only cure and prevention for treatment and disease. It is illegal in America to use an electromagnetic generator to heal patients even though the machine causes no harmful side effects at all.

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