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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 3


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 3

The next way they try to suppress natural remedies and promote drugs is by debunking natural remedies. In a government memorandum, the US federal government states that one of the most effective tools to get people to believe the government’s opinion is to put together a well orchestrated, debunking campaign.

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There is a coordinated effort between the FDA, the FTC, the health care associations, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as major news organizations, to produce scare stories about natural alternatives and suppress the truth about the ineffectiveness and problems with drugs. There is a long list of highly effective natural cures that are simply hidden from the public. In the 1970s, the FDA tried to make vitamin supplements prescription drugs. The FDA claimed that vitamins were so dangerous, that they should be prescribed only by doctors.

Recently, the FDA has been going after companies that sell natural remedies over the internet. They claim that these companies are selling “drugs” without a license. For big businesses, every time you watch an ad, the people on those ads are paid actors reading a script. They don’t use the product. They are paid millions of dollars as an endorsement fee. If a small company selling a product on an infomercial did the same thing, they would be shut down and prosecuted for misleading advertising.

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