Natural Remedies For Over 200 Illnesses

Natural Cures Audio Book CD 4


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 4

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After reading thousands of documents and hearing first-hand thousands of accounts from people and health-care practitioners around the world, I’ve come up with what I believe to be the cause of virtually all sickness and disease in the body.

There are only 2 reasons why a person becomes ill. One, they catch something, meaning your body picked up a germ. Second, you develop an illness or disease. This means there is some imbalance and an illness or disease develops. In our search for the ultimate cure and ultimate cause of all illness, we must ask “what caused that”.

One might say the cause of catching a germ is catching it from someone who’s had it. The drug industry thinks that drugs must be developed to kill the germ. However, they’re asking the wrong question. We are all exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis.The question is why do some people succumb to the bacteria and virus and get sick and some people do not. Why doesn’t your body do what it was designed to do, which is fight off the bacteria or virus? The answer is your body is out of balance and your immune system is weak. If your body is in balance and your immune system is strong, you would never show any symptoms of the bacteria or viruses your body picks up over a lifetime.

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