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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 6


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Natural Cures Audio Book CD 6

sleep peacfully

Dr. Coldwell of Germany has the highest success rate of curing cancer in Germany. He’s treated over 35,000 patients, mostly terminal, without drugs or surgery. He simply uses techniques to reduce stress – just by working on thoughts. This is front page news, but we’re not hearing about it.

Earl Nightingale discovered what he called “the strangest secret”. You become what you think about. Positive thoughts and low amounts of stress create an alkaline ph in the body, meaning you virtually can never get stressed. Negative thoughts and high amounts of stress lead the body to become acidic, leading to illness and disease. Words have power. Most people say words that increase the body’s stress and turn the body from alkaline to acidic. Words can change the way we think and feel.

Other things like what you put in your mouth causes toxicity, however the most important is what we think and say. They can be more powerful than all the other causes of illness and disease combined.

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