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Natural Cures For Those Bugging Ailments


All seasons seem to come with their joys and woes. One minute you might feel fine, then the next – bang – you are down with a cold or the flu.

This might mean that your summer months are spent in bed nursing these ailments instead of being out in the sunshine. Alternatively, you could be out in the sunshine, but feeling pretty miserable!

A natural cure is the type of cure that simply give your body what it is lacking. If you have a cold, eating any source of vitamin C seems to do the trick and you don’t have any side effects.

If a cough is making you feel that you are going to soon cough out a lung, or your chest is burning, then lemon and honey can do the trick.

You might notice that in some cold medicines you already find these ingredients – but with other chemical counterparts included as well. These types of medications would cost you more than using a natural cure. It also means that you learn the types of things that will work for your body.

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