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Natural Medicine Can Help With Kidney Stones


There are many people walking around with kidney stones in their body that will never experience a flare up or have a problem at all.

A person who suddenly has problems with severe excruciating back pain that travels from the lower back to their abdomen, and into the inner thigh or genital areas, are advised to contact their doctor.

Kidney stones cause a pain so severe it may bring about a feeling of nausea.

In some cases there is no pain and no symptoms. It’s dependent on where the kidney stones are sitting in a person’s body.

Other general symptoms to watch out for are a passing of blood, or experiencing pain when urinating and starting with a severe chill or fever.

Mineral salts can form in the urinary tract which consists of kidneys, bladder and urethras. This formation of mineral salts is due to calcium and phosphate becoming a solution and, if left untreated, the stones block theses areas.

Kidney stones are more common in the summer months due to excessive sweating and a lack of hydration. Not drinking enough water in summer plays a role in kidney stones starting to develop.

Natural medicine and a change in diet can improve a person’s general health. There a wide range of information on natural remedies with kidney stones in mind within our Natural Cures natural health resource.