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Natural Medicine Can Help With Loss Of Hair


Both men and women suffer from severe loss of hair. The correct term for this condition is ‘alopecia’.

Loss of hair usually occurs on a person’s scalp, but it can decide to take effect anywhere on the body, including eyebrows.

A man who loses his hair has usually inherited the condition from previous generations. This is known as hereditary alopecia. This condition usually strikes the crown and temples of the head.

The ‘bald’ patch is not exactly bald, as there will be a replacement patch of very fine hair where the hair follicles were originally.

Hereditary baldness is not just for men; it can also strike women who have gone through the menopause.

A person who has been diagnosed with a low active thyroid can start losing hair. An unstable diet, a lack of vitamins, nutrients and parasites all bring about patches of baldness.

If a person is under stress from the passing of a family member it can cause hair loss. However the good news is that it can be a temporary condition.

Pregnant women should contact their midwife or doctor if they are losing strands of hair on a daily basis.

Caution: if clumps of hair are starting to come away from your scalp for no reason that you can think of, you contact your local medical practitioner.

Herbal remedies are available in abundance to help nourish damaged hair follicles, encouraging re-growth and a return to natural health.

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