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Natural Remedies For Anxiety And Depression


It is not uncommon to have the ‘blues’ and there has been those days that we have all felt a little bit down. While feeling this way is quite natural, there is however a problem when all of a sudden that feeling down is a constant thing.

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety. The level of severity may differ from person to person, but the effect is still the same. That feeling of not wanting to get up in the morning and feeling unmotivated to live is a common effect on depression and anxiety sufferers.

The sad thing is that half of these sufferers have not been diagnosed and have not been given the appropriate treatment. There are however sufferers who have been diagnosed but do not like using medication for this ailment and prefer natural remedies to cure anxiety and depression.

Natural remedies versus medication

Natural remedies for this disorder are preferred over anti-depression medication for many reasons. Many people do not like taking medication because they feel that it is not healthy for their bodies. Depression and anxiety medication can make some people feel nauseous, get headaches, gain and loose weight rapidly and loose their sexual desire.

Natural remedies are therefore a safer approach when you are concerned about your overall health. They are more unlikely to cause these side-effects and still are effective means of lessening the effects of anxiety and depression. It promotes a healthy lifestyle as it considers healthy foods and exercise instead of the dependence of drugs.