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Quick Action Plan for Obesity…


Quick Action Plan for Holistic Approach to Obesity

  • If you are gaining weight, start listening to the clues or symptoms your body is giving you: Is your body telling you that you are eating the wrong types of foods? Or is the message perhaps that you are “fighting a losing battle” with weight because of unrecognized physical health factors or emotional issues?
  • Examine why and what you are eating: If you have cravings or are eating overly large portions of foods at mealtimes, you might have underlying physical or emotional health conditions or food allergies. If you are overeating or snacking frequently because you feel angry, anxious, bored, jealous, lonely, sad, or ‘stressed,” you are probably an “emotional eater.”
  • You will likely find that part of your challenge involves recalling and revealing old familial and perhaps old personal attitudes toward food. Negative attitudes or coping strategies learned in early childhood often lead to adult food and dependency issues and addictions.
  • If your answers to questions about your dietary habits or weight indicate that your food choices are not healthy, or that your proportion of body fat is higher than it should be, you need to look at how you can reduce the proportion of body fat by changing your choices and habits, not by quick weight-loss dieting.
  • If you are overweight or obese, see an alternative health practitioner to arrange a thorough examination to determine if there are any undiagnosed medical causes for your condition, such as food allergies, insulin imbalances or low thyroid function and other metabolic disturbances.