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Olympic Trainer


Author: Sneider, Harry and Sneider, Sarah

Price: $18.95

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Description: Revolutionary! Innovative! Professional! World’s finest total body fitness system that’s easy and fun for everyone!

The most complete “how to” book on rebound exercise ever written! Has programs for any age and any level of fitness from infants to adults to Olympic athletes on how to use rebounders. Includes use of handweights, chapters on dance movements, plus sports training routines for 17 different sports using rebounders and handweights.

Celebrity photos of Jack Lalanne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hall of Fame high jumper Dwight Stones, Hall of Fame water skier Wayne Grimditch, plus many more. This program is being used by thousands of students worldwide.

The popularity of rebound exercise is on the rise both in the home and club market and this book will fill that need. It has been recently revised and updated to meet the interest of the many new enthusiasts to rebound exercise. Very profusely illustrated with photos of celebrities, children, housewives, seniors, athletes, and the disabled — it is easy to follow.

If your goal is an Olympic gold medal or simply to get in the best shape of your life — the Olympic Trainer is for you! This unique fitness system improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength, co-ordination, sports skills, and much more. It is a safe low impact total fitness program that helps reduce stress, helps lower elevated cholesterol and encourages weight loss while reducing compression to the joints up to 70%.

It’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it’s fun! Order yours today! You’ll be glad you did!