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Over 250,000 Licensed Natural Health Practitioners returning To NaturalCures.Com


NaturalCures.com is thrilled to announce that the Find a Natural Practitioner feature will be returning to the site in 2017.

In 2014, Lee Kenny, then-CEO of NaturalCures.Com oversaw the creation of the worlds largest single directory of licensed practitioners using natural methods. Following Mr Kenny’s return to NaturalCures.Com, the Find a doc feature is high on his list of priorities for the site.

“There are amazing sites out there that feature contact details of licensed Acupuncture specialists, others with Homeopaths and then others with Naturopaths, but not a single site where you can find all these different types of natural health in one place” said Lee Kenny. “2017 will see us create that single place with over 250,000 licensed healthcare practitioners, so wherever you are in the world, you can enter in your town and you’ll be presented with credible options to visit with a doctor or practitioner who can offer natural alternatives to drugs and surgery”

The ‘find a doc’ at NaturalCures.com will be free to every registered member of Naturalcures.com and users will not require a paid subscription.

This is just one of the new initiatives that NaturalCures.Com is launching as part of it’s crowdfunding campaign to make 100% of the site available Free for the first time in its 11 year history. You can help make this a reality by visiting the crowdfunding campaign page here