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Pain Free at Your PC


BookAuthor: Egoscue, Peter

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Description: The author of Pain Free returns to address the subject of pain caused by computer work. His philosophy is that carpal tunnel surgery, ergonomic chairs, and pain-killing medicines are poor choices for the treatment of this pain and that only the realignment of the body and correction of muscle weakness can fix computer-related stiff necks, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In plans for low, moderate, and heavy users of computers, Egoscue offers well-illustrated stretches and strengthening exercises. Though it is difficult to believe that all ergonomic devices are bad and that surgery is never necessary, some library patrons may be clamoring for alternative approaches to overuse injury. Otherwise, try more mainstream sources like Sandra Peddie’s The Repetitive Strain Injury Sourcebook or Deborah Quilter’s The Repetitive Strain Injury Recovery Book, which were both written with the assistance of an M.D. This book is recommended only for public libraries where demand warrants.