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Dr Catherine Rossi, Holistic dental surgeon in Paris


Dr Catherine Rossi, Holistic dental surgeon in Paris

You have bleeding gums, you have bad breath, be careful, you risk having a periodontal disease! Whether it is at an early stage or at a very advanced stage, periodontal disease has very serious consequences on your health. Read more….

What is periodontal disease?

First of all, the periodontal is the whole of the tissues which surround the tooth, i.e., the ligament which attaches the tooth to the bone, the alveolar bone around the dental roots and the gum which covers the bone and surrounds the base of the tooth.

In the periodontal disease, because of the bacterial plaque and tartar, the gum is inflamed, the ligament disappears and especially the bone is destroyed around the roots, which makes the teeth mobile.

A periodontal disease in an early stage, affects only the gums and in an advanced stage, the infection destroys the bone which surrounds the roots. One speaks about a terminal stage when there is no more bone around the tooth at all, which becomes very mobile because it is surrounded by a large cyst i.e. a pocket of bacteria. It is precisely these bacteria that are very toxic to health because they bombard the body with toxins and will also spread throughout the body.

Periodontium and cardiovascular diseases

It has long been known that any dental infection can cause what is called endocarditis in the heart. Bacteria will attach themselves to the heart wall and cause an infection of the heart. Beyond 65 years old, the people who have a periodontal disease increase of almost 45 % their risk to have a cardiovascular disease. These infections impede blood circulation and can cause strokes, because bacteria from periodontal disease can damage the walls of blood vessels sometimes even to the point of rupture.

Periodontal disease and diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes can have all their clinical signs aggravated in case of periodontal disease. Blood glucose levels are more difficult to stabilize and liver and kidney disorders may occur.

Periodontal disease and lung infections

Gum bacteria can very easily become lodged in the pulmonary alveoli or bronchial tubes, causing chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. In smokers, whose ground is already weakened by numerous deficiencies and intoxications with heavy metals and tars, degenerative pulmonary diseases will be increased in case of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease and brain

Bacteria from infected gums have been found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Bacteria such as porphyromonas gingivalis have been implicated in some dementias. The periodontal disease generally leading to dental losses and chewing being in connection with the cognitive faculties, studies showed the very important links between the presence of periodontal diseases and the cognitive decline of the old people.

Periodontal disease and cancer:

One hears more and more about scientific research having highlighted a link between periodontal diseases and cancers, by the discovery of periodontal bacteria in cancerous tumors. It was even observed that each millimeter of alveolar bone lost would increase by 5 the risk of cancer of the tongue. The bacterium porphyromonas gingivalis has also been implicated in cancers of the stomach, pancreas and esophagus.

Along with these extreme cases, gum disease creates a state of chronic inflammatory stress that puts the body in a state of acidosis and immune exhaustion. Joint and muscle pain may occur. This could be reminiscent of fibromyalgia. It is in fact the body desperately trying to defend itself against a generalized bacterial attack. Immune exhaustion puts patients in a state of permanent chronic fatigue that makes the bed of depression and opens the door to all diseases.

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