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Pets & bugs


We all love our pets, but they bring in parasites, bacteria, and all manner of bugs. We touch our animals, they get on beds and chairs, sometimes even on food prep surfaces. If you have a house pet, you probably have microscopic house pets in your house and even inside you!

We recommend having your insides checked out periodically. Two methods are dark field microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis – read more about this in the Glossary) and lab work prescribed by a medical doctor, particularly stool sample evaluation, to determine whether there is any microscopic fauna undermining your health. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, inflammation or irritation, problems with nutrient absorption, toxicity, hydration, and other conditions that have a tremendous effect on one’s overall health and wellbeing can be identified.

Most of the problems in the gut can be eliminated naturally. A complete parasite cleaning protocol will be published soon on NaturalCures.com. You can get a head start by doing a short fast or cleanse to starve the critters that love things like bread, pasta, sugar, and dairy products. Colonics are helpful, as is drinking plenty of pure water to flush the system. Taking probiotics (the good gut flora) is important to help restore intestinal balance. Saunas and steam rooms help the body sweat out impurities. Dry brushing will help the skin detoxify the system. Plenty of exercise is important to keep the lymph moving and releasing.

There are many herbs and supplements that you can use to help the process along, such as goldenseal, wormwood, garlic, vitamin C, clay, citrus oil, as well as herbal blends specifically for intestinal cleansing. Occasionally, antibiotics are in order, but consider carefully whether such drastic measures are really necessary, because such drugs take a big toll on the body. Aloe vera and teas such as licorice, ginger and chamomile soothe the gut while it is going through the exorcism.

It is important to try to keep the areas where animals spend time clean. This includes house cleaning, washing bedding (both yours and theirs), washing your hands after touching your pet, and keeping your pet as free of critters as possible, whether this involves grooming or controlling outside areas they roam in. There are many natural pet care products, as well as natural cleaning products, that will not introduce toxicity into your home. See the Virtual Marketplace for product information.

Love your pets and love your gut. Give it a checkup and seasonal cleaning.