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Pneumonia, Fungus And Dental Braces


Dr Catherine Rossi

A Japanese study shows that people who keep their removable dentures overnight can double their risk of pneumonia if the appliances are dirty or the gums are infected.

Dental resin, bacteria nest

Removable dentures are made of resin. This material is porous and must be perfectly disinfected in order not to become a “bacteria nest”. Moreover, resin (which is not “organic” and we currently have nothing better) is often poorly tolerated by the gums and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane on which it rests.

Oral bacteria multiply at night

Nihon University in Japan conducted a study of 524 people with an average age of 88 years. They found that people who wore their dental braces at night had a higher risk of pneumonia. Inflammation and bacteria develop much more at night because there is less saliva and movement. If the braces are not properly disinfected, bacteria migrate to the airways during the night.

Resin Intolerance

Resin intolerance is also often seen in people with removable braces. The gums become red. At first it is not painful. A Candida Albicans fungus develops. It can even invade the entire digestive tract. Without treatment, the mucous membrane of the palate and toothless areas become very irritated, painful.

Hygiene advice

Braces must be carefully brushed with a special appliance brush (harder) and Marseille soap after each meal. Then the disinfection of the braces must be daily with disinfectant tablets (available in pharmacies or in the dental hygiene department of supermarkets), or even tri-daily for people who already have inflammation of the gums.

Essential oils

I recommend a mouthwash before putting your appliances back on clean. After each meal in case of fungus.

– In 1 teaspoon of coconut oil add – A pinch of Gencix (www.gencix.fr)

– 3 drops of noble laurel essential oil

– 1 drop of cinnamon essential oil

– 1 drop of tea tree essential oil

– 1 drop of Greek oregano essential oil

Put it in your mouth without swallowing and emulsify (shake and pulse between the teeth) for 10 minutes. Spit out, do not rinse, put the braces back on. Treatment to be done 15 days in parallel with the improvement of hygiene.

Some additional advice

– Every night while the appliance is soaking in the disinfectant solution, brush your teeth and with a softer brush,  brush the gums that are daily covered by the appliance.

– Although we know that sleeping with braces increases the risk of pneumonia, you should sleep with your braces to avoid neck pain, lumbago, migraines or stiff neck in the morning. The solution is to be very careful to keep your braces clean and to treat inflammation of the gums.

– Have your dentist clean your appliances with ultrasounds once or twice a year.

– If your appliance lacks stability or comes off when you chew, you can use an adhesive paste during the day. The adhesive must be removed every night from the appliance and from the mouth. Do not use glue at night.

– If even minimal thinning occurs, the gums will change and the appliance may no longer fit and may start to tilt when chewing. When an appliance tilts, it endangers the teeth that serve as a support for the hooks.

– Have the stability of your braces checked regularly. Your dentist will be able to perform a relining that will prolong the life of your appliance and improve your comfort.

– In the morning, soak your appliance in water for 30 minutes after brushing it while you wash.

– Never use bleach or boiling water to maintain your appliances. Chlorine is toxic and heat will deform your appliance.

Catherine Rossi

Dr. Catherine ROSSI, dentist, graduate of the Faculty of dental surgery of Toulouse (France) in 1984, I discovered natural medicine in 1983.

I have been practicing my profession in Paris since 1985. I have 3 daughters, 2 grand ‘daughters and I am happy!

The day I started treating myself with alternative medicine and experienced the miracles it had on my health, it became for me inconceivable to prescribe for my patients allopathic remedies as I was taught to do so in the university.

Therefore, I studied and incorporated homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture etc. into my practice from the very start.

This practice which has come to be defined “holistic dentistry” became for me a reason for being. It was accompanied by a personal evolution, an art of living in harmony with nature, of a consciousness in the role of each living being in the balance of our universe.

As my personal and spiritual work evolves, the care that I provide to my patients has taken on a special dimension: my relationship to another takes on character of sacredness in trust and in Love.

I present this blog to you as my modest contribution for a better world because my belief is that: on the path of life we always advance the best with good teeth.

Website – https://naturebiodental.com/