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Power Aging


Author: Null, Gary

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Description: Null, a well-known spokesperson for natural health and aging (Gary Null’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Program), offers another volume on how to deal with the physical effects of aging. According to the author’s research, illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and degenerative brain conditions are, in part, caused by damage inflicted by free radicals-unstable molecules that impair cells. The bodies’ defenses against free radicals are antioxidants that can neutralize the free radicals’ effect. In order to lessen the number of free radicals, Null believes it is necessary to drink pure water, exercise properly, follow a power aging diet and consume a variety of antioxidant vitamins, herbs and minerals that should boost the immune system. Null’s exhortations to detoxify the body will sound familiar to devotees, but others may find his program overly stringent and too detailed. The cardiovascular protocol, for example, is quite complex. His diet program (he calls it the non-diet diet) is similar to what he has been recommending for years: strictly avoid red meat, caffeine, sugar, dairy, alcoholic beverages and wheat products. The mainly vegetarian meals (menus are included) that he advocates should be composed of organic products.